What is a group break?

A group break is a way for someone to buy into a portion of a certain number of boxes (usually a full case or half case of sports cards).  Instead of buying hobby boxes or cases of hobby boxes, you purchase a spot in a group break for a portion of the price of the boxes.

What are the different types of group breaks?

PYT (Pick Your Team) - You purchase a team in the group break for a specified price and receive all cards from that team from the boxes opened in the break.

Random team - You purchase a spot in the group break and have a team randomly assigned using Random.org.

Random division - Its the same concept as a random team break but you get a division (multiple teams) assigned using Random.org

Serial number - A serial number is randomly assigned to spots purchased in the breaks and you receive the cards that have your serial number.  For example, if you buy into a 25 spot serial number break and you draw number 7, you will receive all cards with the serial number 7, like a card numbered 7/25.  These types of breaks are usually used with higher-end products where all cards are serial numbered (National Treasures, Flawless, Definitive, etc.).

Random hit - All spots purchased in the break will be randomly assigned a hit card (patch, auto, etc) from the case.

How do you assign cards with multiple players/teams?

Teams with multiple players/teams will be randomly assigned to one team using Random.org.  If one person owns teams that make up over 50% of the teams represented on the card, it will be awarded to that person without a random.

Where can i watch the breaks?

Breaks will be broadcast live on YouTube and archived on YouTube for those that aren't able to watch live.  Break times will be announced on the site and a link is on the front page.  You can also search JaySwan Cards on YouTube or the link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuD7ZA7S8hwPybYnPgKL6Pg

 When will the breaks take place?

Breaks will take place once all spots are filled/sold.  In order to avoid breaks being delayed for too long, spots may be moved to Ebay for 1 or 3 day auctions in order to fill the break.

How much is shipping and when will shipments take place?

Shipping is FREE to the US and Canada for case break purchases.  Shipping is a flat $5.99 for sealed hobby box purchased shipping within the US.  Products are shipped within 3 business days of the break taking place and within 1 business day of a sealed hobby box purchase.