Rewards /Skunk Program


For each dollar you spend on the site, you will receive 2 points.  Each point is worth 1 cent so 100 points equals $1 in site credit.  Points are redeemable on any purchase made on the site.

Skunk Program

In the group break world, the term skunking is used to describe when someone does not receive any "hit" cards in a break.  The definition of a "hit" varies, but is generally an autograph card or a patch/relic card.  Other cards, including low-numbered base parallel cards, could be considered hits as well.

Since it is unknown what cards will be present in a sealed case, it's always possible that a spot purchased will not receive any hit cards.  In order to provide some value in those cases, the following point amounts will be credited to accounts for spots that skunk:

Spots purchased for between $50 and $99.99 - 500 points ($5)

Spots purchased for between $100 and $199.99 - 1,000 points ($10)

Spots purchased for $200 and over - 2,000 points ($20)

For the credits, spots can be combined to receive to the skunk credits.  For example, if you purchased 4 spots that totaled $60 and none of the spots received any hit cards, you would receive 500 points ($5).

These points will be manually awarded within the site so please be patient while cards are sorted and skunk spots are determined.